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Embroidery Equipment

We have 3 single head 15 needle SWF Embroidery machines, one of them a bridge type machine that handles large pieces of fabric.  Our wide variety of hoop sizes and styles, including quick change cap frames gives us a great deal of flexibility. What does this really mean?

The single head machines give us the flexibility to run individual small jobs on each machine, or for larger jobs we can run any combination of the machines for the same job. The number of needles allows  us to have up to 15 colors of thread loaded into the machines for additional flexibility. If your job requires more colors we can change threads during the production run. Unlike screen printing, there is no additional charge for multiple colors.

We have a variety of hoop sizes, shapes, and holding methods that allow us to properly clamp or fixture many different fabric thicknesses and item shapes and sizes.

We look forward to applying this equipment to your projects.
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