Flying Needles Embroidery, LLC
Flying Needles Embroidery, LLC

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We are very happy that you decided to consider our company for your embroidery needs. If you would like a formal quote or if you need more information, we would be happy to help.

At the end of January 2019,  we will be moving our embroidery machines to northern Wisconsin. We will no longer be leasing the space at 101 Wisconsin American Drive in Fond du Lac. The website will be updated with our new mailing address once the move has occurred. Our email address and web page will remain the same, and we believe we will be able to continue using the same phone number, since it is a VOIP phone system. We will continue to serve our Fond du Lac customers through electronic communications and a local drop-off and pick up location at Victoria's Pet Nutrition Center, 14 N Main St., Fond du Lac, WI. We will be visiting the FDL area often, since our children and grandchildren are in the area. We wish to thank our customers for their continued support.

Below you will find the Contact Information for
Flying Needles Embroidery, LLC

Mail:         Flying Needles Embroidery, LLC
                101 Wisconsin American Drive Suite 600
Fond du Lac, WI 54937

Phone:     920-922-0933


Flying Needles Embroidery is located on Wisconsin American Drive approximately 1/2 mile south of Johnson Street.
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